Posted by: Ben | July 28, 2010

Everyday Interactions That Suck

Accountability/transparency start-ups could tackle some of these things that suck:

People (Can we start holding people accountable for being douches?)

  • People who don’t respond to email ever
  • People who are too cool to respond to your email
  • People who email you and then call to see if you got the email
  • People who declare “inbox bankruptcy”
  • People who don’t keep their inbox clean (by archiving) so they “miss” your email mixed in with junk and spam

Job Hunting (Can we start holding companies accountable for being incompetent?)

  • Companies with retarded job requirements that no one could ever fill
  • Companies that don’t list salary ranges for positions
  • Companies that don’t acknowledge job application submissions
  • Companies that make you convert/type your resume into their database instead of just uploading .doc/.pdf
    • Having to create separate entries for each job/address/school
    • Having to fix their shit because the text converter put your NAME in the CITY box (thx Ichabod)
  • Companies that make you jump through hoops beyond a resume before you even get an email/call back
  • USAJobs and its retarded application system that makes you fill out each GS-level qualification, and then go to a 3rd party recruiter to complete it
  • Waiting months to hear back from a company.  Really?!  Who are these people who wait that long?
  • Companies that don’t tell you whether they even looked at your application or denied you
  • 20,000 interviews to maybe get the job
  • LinkedIn and its backwards-ass management that don’t push LinkedIn as a standardized resume for EVERYONE

[see:  reddit thread]

Going Out (Can we stop going out like it’s 1915?)

  • Splitting up restaurant/bar tabs among multiple people…manually
  • Not being able to use a cellphone or device to order at restaurants/bars, especially when waiting to get a bartender’s attention instead of, you know, pressing a touchscreen
  • Restaurants/bars that don’t update their web site, especially if they’re throwing a party that night


Did you know?  Dating sites are actually at the forefront of innovation…  They actually don’t suck to use.

Final note.  Scott Adams of Dilbert fame suggested a start-up country:

“One of the biggest problems with the world is that we’re bound by so many legacy systems. For example, it’s hard to deal with global warming because there are so many entrenched interests. It’s problematic to get power from where it can best be generated to where people live. The tax system is a mess. Banking is a hodgepodge of regulations and products glued together. I could go on. The point is that anything that has been around for awhile is a complicated and inconvenient mess compared to what its ideal form could be.

“I could go on, imagining every element of the startup country as an optimal design, from its local government to the layout of its streets, to the livable nature of its homes. The point is that the startup country could be awesome. And only the most employable folks would be allowed in at the start, so the economy would be blazing, mostly from IT jobs and light industry.”

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